Governance Section : Hybrid Courses Think Tank

Presidential Think Tank: Hybrid Courses

Charge: Review and offer recommendations regarding the development of hybrids as a third major method (along with classroom and online instruction) in which students can enroll.


  • Review current hybrid practices at GPC
  • Review national best practices for hybrids
  • Identify courses best suited for hybrid courses
  • Identify faculty skills needed to teach hybrid courses
  • Identify students most likely to register for hybrid courses
  • Survey faculty for interest in teaching hybrid courses
  • Survey students for interest in taking hybrid courses
  • Describe potential ways to increase hybrid courses
  • Describe potential limits to hybrid courses
  • Recommend a direction and timeline for the expansion of hybrid courses

Meeting Dates: 2/11/11 and 3/17/11

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Anthony Tricoli President Decatur
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur
Tracy Adkins Assistant Director of Instructional Technology Lakeside
Alan Jackson VP of Academic Affairs Decatur
Barbara Bateman Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Frederick Bounds Associate Professor Dunwoody
Damita Boyd Coordinator for Academic Success Resolution Clarkston
Jane Curth Assistant Professor Clarkston
Jeffrey Gutliph Associate Professor Clarkston
Robert King Associate Professor Clarkston
Richard Kirk Assistant Professor Decatur
Valerie Koonce Instructor Clarkston
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Director for Center for Teaching and Learning Clarkston
Jonathan Lochamy Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Linda Mullins Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Janet Orr Instructor Newton
Tamra Ortgies-Young Instructor Dunwoody
George Pabis Associate Professor Newton
Janet Shanteau Associate Professor Dunwoody
William Simpson Associate Professor Dunwoody