Governance Section : Recruitment Blue Ribbon Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Recruitment Blue Ribbon

Charge: Develop practical, affordable and immediate college wide recruitment strategies to increase enrollment and to communicate the many benefits of attending and succeeding at Georgia Perimeter College.

Meeting Dates: 2/28/07, 3/5/07, and 3/8/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
Management/ Student Success
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Janet Barron Assistant Director Clarkston
Adam Stone Associate Professor Dunwoody
Xuchitl Coso Instructor Lawrence
Marc Fitten Coordinator of Publications Dunwoody
Coletta Hassell Assistant Vice President of Academic and
Student Affairs
Betty Molloy Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Decatur
Judy Nichols Associate Director of Records Dunwoody
Godfrey Noe Chief Institutional Research Officer Decatur
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Information Officer Decatur
Anitra Patrick Admission Counselor Dunwoody
Sallie Paschal Professor Newton
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston
Angie Bonet Student Services Prof Interim Decatur
Emily Cowdrick Asso/Asst Director of Advising and Counseling Clarkston
Barbara Lindsay Associate Director of Printing Services Clarkston
Saul Torres Associate Director of Advising/Counseling Dunwoody
Richard Beaubien Director of Recruitment and Admissions Clarkston
Rob Jenkins Director Writers Institute Clarkston
Dennis Jones Coordinator/Counselor Upward Bound Decatur
Craig Lipsey Associate Director of Campus Card Services Clarkston
Roy Reynolds Faculty Clarkston
Steven Crisp Associate Director Campus Card Services Clarkston
Maggie Ehrlich Academic Division Dean Dunwoody
Linda Fields Assistant Registrar Clarkston
Felicia Harbach Associate Director of Records Alpharetta
Mary Hickman-Brown Dean of Student Services Decatur
Stephen Joyner Associate Director of Records Alpharetta
Theodora Norris Admissions Counselor Dunwoody
Sonja Smith Coordinator of Testing Services Decatur
Jennifer Taylor Admissions Counselor Clarkston
Rene Ward Administrative Secretary Clarkston
Lydia J. Williams Faculty Dunwoody
Marjorie Cowan Asso/Asst Director of Advising and Counseling Decatur
Bonita King Associate Director of Financial Services Clarkston
Mary Sanders Director of Special Projects Dunwoody
Jackie Thornberry Directory of Learning Support Dunwoody
Susan McKinnon Director of Education Tech Lakeside
Paul Hudson Associate Professor Clarkston
Rahim Mawji Student  
LeAnise Jenkins Student  
Nancy McCall High School Counselor  
Stella Xi Alumni