Governance Section : Online Enrollment Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Online Enrollment

Charge: To develop a center that will celebrate the literary arts and scholarship while supporting the institution's vision, mission, core values, and strategic plan.

Meeting Dates: 3/23/09, 4/6/09, and 4/20/09

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Mark Griffin Associate Professor Dunwoody
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Clarkston
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management/Student Success Clarkston
Bonita King Associate Director of Financial Services Clarkston
Lewis Godwin Director of Plant Operations Clarkston
Vincent June Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Decatur
Richard Beaubien Director of Recruitment and Admissions Clarkston
Catherine Binuya Director of Online Student Services Clarkston
Tracy Adkins Assistant Director of Training and Communications Lakeside
JoAnne Brabson Director of Testing Services Clarkston
Sandee House Associate Professor Clarkston
Godfrey Noe Chief Institutional Research Officer Decatur
Michael Bradley Instructor Clarkston
Calandra Davis Department Head - Associate Professor Clarkston
Soloman Fesseha Department Head - Professor Clarkston
Andrea Hendricks Associate Professor Clarkston
Jose Morales Assistant Professor Decatur
Sean Murphy Instructor Clarkston
Rebecca Owens Interior Designer Clarkston
Jim Rasmus Executive Director for Human Resources Decatur
Beth Jensen Director of Governance and Policy Decatur
Julia Rux Professor Clarkston
Pam Gore Professor Clarkston
Barbara Brooks Faculty Clarkston
Bettie LaDuke Instructor Clarkston
David Babb Academic Professional AC Clarkston
Joe Patterson Associate Professor Clarkston
Otto Burianek Interim Department Chair/Head Clarkston
Alan Jackson Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Newton
Paulos Yohannes Dean of Science Decatur
Tonya Andrews Director of Faculty Services Decatur
Stefanie Wright Coordinator of Student Success Clarkston
Sharriette Finley Coordinator of Student Success Clarkston
Jeanna Chapman Coordinator of Student Success Clarkston
Bonnie Martin Director of Center for Disability Services Clarkston
Christopher Kinney Coordinator of Assistive Technology Clarkston
Karen Heath Green Coor D/HH & Campus Disability Services Newton
Dexter Banks Director of Educational Technologies Decatur
Carlos Schweinfurth Assistant Director of Distance Learning Clarkston
Debi Moon Associate Professor Clarkston
Fran Mohr Director of Customer Service Clarkston
Barbara Obrentz Assistant Director of Distance Learning Decatur
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Vickie Carew Johnson Director of Institutional Advancement Decatur
Felicia Harbach Associate Director of Records Alpharetta
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston
Van Hope Director of Student Accounts Decatur
Robin Winston Director of Student Financial Services Clarkston
Dawn Davis Business Systems Analyst Lakeside
Reid Christenberry Chief Information Officer / Assistant Vice President Lakeside
Rodney Hudlow Senior Systems Support Specialist Decatur
Chris Burge Director of Infrastructure Lakeside
Marissa Greenlee Director of Information Systems/OIT Lakeside
George Bingaman Instructional Technologist Lakeside
Pamela Joseph Assistant Director, Webmaster Lakeside