Governance Section : Online Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Online

Charge: Develop a structure to manage the growth and to maintain the academic integrity of the online program.

Meeting Dates: 5/14/07, 5/16/07, 5/17/07, 6/1/07, 6/4/07, and 6/6/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Beth Jensen Professor of English Lawrenceville
Ulrike Lahaise Associate Professor Decatur
David Cromer Department Chair, Humanities Newton
Joel McMahon Faculty Clarkston
Stella Smith Faculty Lawrenceville
John Aliff Professor Clarkston
Pat Zrolka Department Head/Associate Professor Decatur
Susan McKinnon Director of Educational Technologies Lakeside
Sandee House Associate Professor Clarkston
Norvell Jackson Dean of Student Services Dunwoody
Barbara Brown Dean of Academic Services Decatur
Fran Holt-Underwood Assistant Professor Clarkston
Bettie LaDuke Assistant Director Online Development Clarkston
Enefiok Umana Associate Professor Clarkston
Pete Bursi Librarian, Assistant Professor Dunwoody