Governance Section : Financial Aid Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Financial Aid

Charge: Develop practical, affordable and immediate recommendations to help Financial Aid operate more effectively at GPC.

Meeting Dates: 7/24/07, 8/08/07, 8/09/07, 8/10/07, and 9/09/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
Management/ Student Success
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Fran Mohr Director of Customer Service Clarkston
Marisa Greenlee Director of Information Systems/OIT Lakeside
James Strickland Assistant Director Records Management Clarkston
Clementine Huff Student Financial Services Manager Clarkston
Felicia Harbach Associate Director of Records Alpharetta
Marjorie Cowan Director of Advising and Counseling Services Decatur
Loucynda White Financial Supervisor Clarkston
Alan Jackson Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Newton
John Siler Instructor Clarkston
Donald Singer Joint Enrollment Coordinator Dunwoody
Bonita King Associate Director of Financial Services Clarkston
Sheletha Champion Assistant Vice President of Finance Decatur
Pam Joseph Assistant Director Webmaster Lakeside
Barbara Lindsay Associate Director of Printing Services Clarkston
Craig Lipsey Associate Director Campus Card Services Clarkston
Rosemary Jean Louis Web Content Editor/Developer Decatur
Van Hope Director of Student Accounts Decatur
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur
Audrea Barnes Associate Director Financial Aid Clarkston
Marsha Fernandez Student Financial Services Counselor II Clarkston
Jason Gladman Coordinator of Testing Services Clarkston
Ramon Selles Assistant Registrar Decatur
Roxanne Dukes Assistant Professor Newton
Ellis Cottrell State Programs Administrator Clarkston
Alva Gissentanner Financial Aid Counselor Clarkston
Madara McCorkle Student Financial Services Manager Dunwoody
Mary Preston Student Financial Services Counselor II Clarkston
Jaleen Washington Admissions Counselor Decatur
Pat Zrolka Department Head Associate Professor Decatur
Beryle Baker Professor Clarkston
Phyllis Smith Associate Director of Student Financial
Reginald Amey Clerk II Clarkston
Ar'Tashya Davis    
Roshundra Oliver Financial Aid Assistant Lawrence
William Moon Department Head/Assistant Professor Newton