Governance Section : Enrollment and Registration Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Enrollment and Registration

Charge: Develop recommendations that would ensure a smooth start to each and every future semester at GPC in regards to enrollment and registration.

Meeting Dates: 9/13/07 and 9/27/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
Management/ Student Succes
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Paula Carter Admissions Supervisor Clarkston
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur
Jo Anne Brabson Director of Testing Services Clarkston
Sherily Elliot Records Coordinator II Clarkston
Hattie Greer Records Coordinator I Decatur
Norvell Jackson Dean of Student Services Dunwoody
Michele Radden Admissions Specialist Clarkston
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston
James Strickland Assistant Director Records Management Clarkston
Pat Towns Clerk IV Clarkston
Travis Allen Administrative Secretary Dunwoody
Brenda Benefield Administrative Secretary Dunwoody
Maggie Ehrlich Academic Division Dean Dunwoody
Linda Fields Assistant Registrar Clarkston
Mary Hickman-Brown Dean of Student Services Decatur
Paul Hudson Associate Professor Clarkston
Margaret Major Associate Professor Clarkston
Luise Strange de Soria Professor Clarkston
Patrice Masterson Director of HR Benefits Decatur
Gail Austin Director of GPC Bookstore Clarkston
Keith Chapman Chief Auxiliary Serve Officer Clarkston
Eugenia Abbey Librarian Assistant Professor Dunwoody
Barbara Brooks Associate Director Auxiliary Services Clarkston
Miriam Dittman Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Clarkston
Betty Molloy Assistant Vice President of Academic
Andrea Morgan Interim Department Chair/Head Lawrenceville
Jeff Portnoy Director Honors College Interim Clarkston
Sheree Simpson Associate Director of Records Clarkston
Sheila White Administrative Supervisor I Clarkston
Tim Brotherton Department Head Associate Professor Clarkston
Demetrix Rostick-Owens Associate Director of Records Newton
Chad Bryant Coordinator of Recruitment Clarkston
Coletta Carter Assistant Vice President of Academic and
Student Affairs
Felicia Chambers Senior Administrative Secretary Clarkston
Felicia Harbach Associate Director of Records Alpharetta
Sheletha McGhee Clerk IV Clarkston
Godfrey Noe Chief Institutional Research Officer Decatur
Mary Preston Student Financial Services Counselor II Clarkston
Eva Lautemann Director of LRC Assistant Professor Clarkston
Fran Mohr Director of Customer Service Clarkston
Ursula Allen Receptionist Clarkston
Richard Beaubien Director of ISAA and Interim Director of
Clementine Huff Student Financial Services Manager Clarkston
Alan Jackson Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Newton
Craig Lipsey Associate Director Campus Card Services Clarkston
Gail Luehrs Senior Administrative Secretary Clarkston
Robby Williams Mathematics Professor Newton
Joe Odom Coordinator Academic Success Resolution Clarkston
Candy Perry Assistant Registrar Dunwoody
Deborah Dove Degree Program Specialist Clarkston
Lynn Eddy Admissions Specialist Clarkston
Naeemah Huggins Records Coordinator II Clarkston
Wesley Hull Directory of Tech Infrastructure Lakeside
Pam Joseph Assistant Director Webmaster Lakeside
Lori Payne Coordinator Testing Services Dunwoody
Jennifer Taylor Admissions Counselor Clarkston
Margaret Venable Assistant Vice President of Educational
Bonita King Associate Director of Financial Services Clarkston
Beverly Carruth Coordinator of Educational Affairs Newton
Audrea Barnes Associate Director Financial Aid Clarkston
Erica Hart Assistant Director of Scholarships &
Annual Giving
Jamie Marable Student Affairs Counselor Decatur
Bonnie Martin Director of Center for Disability Services Clarkston
Debi Moon Associate Professor Clarkston
Deborah Myrick Administrative Supervisor I Clarkston
Jaleen Washington Admissions Counselor Decatur
Loucynda White Financial Aid Supervisor Clarkston
Sheletha Champion Assistant Vice President of Finance Decatur
Susan McKinnon Director of Education Lakeside
Keith Cobbs Student Service Dean Newton
Elizabeth Cranford Assistant Professor of English Decatur
Marjorie Dudley Student Financial Services Counselor I Clarkston
Brenda Durden Clerk IV Clarkston
Madara McCorkle Student Financial Services Manager Dunwoody
Donald Singer Joint Enrollment Coordinator Dunwoody
Phyllis Smith Associate Director of Student Financial
Rene Ward Administrative Secretary Clarkston
Jonathan Lochamy Assistant Professor Clarkston
Saul Torres Associate Director of Advising/Counseling Dunwoody
Sheryll Cheek Records Coordinator II Clarkston
Nancy Diaz Records Coordinator I Dunwoody
Charlotte Hamm Records Coordinator I Clarkston
Joel McMahon Limited Term Faculty Clarkston
Sallie Paschal Professor Newton
Sonya Smith Coordinator of Testing Services Decatur
Nicole Weeden Student Affairs Counselor Clarkston