Governance Section : Data Driven Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Data Driven

Charge: Develop solutions that will support data-driven decisions and one-source for analysis and reporting to facilitate access to a broader scope of pertinent data and support more informed decisions.

Meeting Dates: 8/20/07, 8/22/07, 9/09/07, and 11/09/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Virginia Michelich Vice President of Academic and Student
Godfrey Fuji Noe Chief Institutional Research Officer Decatur
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston
Phil Smith Dean of Academic Services Clarkston
Janna Kelley Asst Director/Institutional Research Lakeside
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Relations Officer Decatur
Wes Hull Director of Infrastructure Tech. Lakeside
Glen Pfeifer Assistant Director of Grants Decatur
Patricia Gregg Associate Director of Planning and Assessment Lakeside
Barbara Brown Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Decatur
Alan Jackson Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Newton
Debi Moon Associate Professor Clarkston
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
Management/ Student Success
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to President Decatur
Sallie Paschal Professor Newton
Ethel Brown Grants/Contracts Professional Decatur
Jackie Thornberry Director of Learning Support Clarkston
Brad Tucker Associate Professor Clarkston
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Richard Beaubien Director of ISAA and Interim Director of
Susan McKinnon Director of Education Tech. Lakeside
Mary Carole Hollingsworth Faculty Decatur
Marisa Greenlee Director of Information Systems/OIT Lakeside
Ron Carruth Executive Vice President for Financial and
Administrative Affairs
Jeff Tarnowski Vice President for Institutional Advancement Decatur
Maggie Ehrlich Dean of Academic Services Dunwoody