Governance Section : Admissions Task Team

Presidential Task Team: Admissions

Charge: Review application and admissions processes with the goals of streamlining and improving these processes, increasing enrollment, and better serving students. Develop recommendations to achieve specific goals:

  1. Add 7000 new students by the end of spring 2008 while finding ways to make it easier for students to attend Georgia Perimeter College.
  2. Create a seamless admission process from the time of application to Georgia Perimeter College through the communication of the admission decision.

Meeting Dates: 5/14/07, 5/16/07, 5/17/07, 6/1/07, 6/4/07, and 6/6/07

Task Team Report

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Lisa Fowler Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
Management/ Student Success
Frank Nash Dean of Student Services Alpharetta
Coletta Carter Assistant Vice President for Academic and
Student Affairs
Mary Hickman-Brown Dean of Student Services Decatur
Betty Malloy Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Decatur
Norvell Jackson Dean of Student Services Dunwoody
Don Pearl Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Clarkston
Virginia Michelich Vice President of Academic and Student
Mariam Dittman Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Clarkston
Alan Jackson Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Newton
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Relations Officer Decatur
Keith Cobbs Dean of Student Services Newton
Barbara Brown Academic Dean/Discipline Dean Decatur
Beverly Carruth Coordinator of Educational Affairs/Rockdale Newton
Dee Rostick-Owens Registrar Newton
Eileen Menefee Registrar Decatur
Felicia Harbach Registrar Alpharetta
Judy Nichols Registrar Dunwoody
Richard Beaubien Director of ISAA and Interim Director of
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston
Sheree Simpson Registrar Clarkston
Linda Fields Assistant Registrar Clarkston
Deb Homer Director of Advising and Counseling Services Clarkston
Marjorie Cowan Director of Advising and Counseling Services Decatur
Saul Torres Director of Advising and Counseling Services Dunwoody
Lydia Williams Director of Advising and Counseling Services Dunwoody
Regina Jamison Director of Advising and Counseling Services Newton
Bonita King Associate Director of Financial Aid Clarkston
Van Hope Director of Student Accounts Decatur
Madara McCorkle Student Accounts Manager Dunwoody
Anitra Patrick Admissions Counselor Clarkston
Jaleen Washington Admissions Counselor Decatur
Theodora Norris Admissions Counselor Dunwoody
Steven Crisp Admissions Counselor Newton
Jennifer Taylor Admissions Counselor Clarkston