Governance Section : Sustainability Task Force

Presidential Task Force: Sustainability

Committee Charge: To develop sustainability within Georgia Perimeter College that is integrated throughout our curriculum, operations and community engagement. Sustainability will be defined by our:

  1. Knowledge of sustainability in theory and practice;
  2. Actions as stewards of our communities and the environments we impact;
  3. Leadership to build a culture of sustainability for our campuses, our communities, and our planet;
  4. Emphasis on building reciprocal relationships between GPC and the public-at-large.

The task team will provide recommendations and action items that will be the foundation of a comprehensive sustainability plan. The committee will evaluate action items recommended by the GPC Think Tanks and identify sustainability targets and goals within the aspects of curriculum, operations, administration and community engagement. The committee will prioritize action items that will be subject for evaluation 1 year from the completion of the plan.

Final Report

Meeting Dates:
Full Committee: 9/29/11, 11/9/11, 3/20/12.

  • Education and Engagement: 10/6/11 and 12/7/11.
  • Communication: 10/19/11 and 12/5/11.
  • Operations: 10/21/11 and 12/19/11.
  • Planning: 10/14/11 and 12/9/11.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
John Anderson Department Chair, Life and Earth Sciences Dunwoody
Polly Bouker Associate Professor, Science Newton
Sean Brumfield Executive Director, Atlanta Center for Civic Engagement & Service Learning Clarkston
Ron Carruth Executive Vice President, Business & Finance Decatur
Joanne Chu Director, Southeastern Institute for Sustainability Clarkston
Bill Covington Development Officer, Institutional Advancement Decatur
Lewis Godwin Director, Campus Planning & Projects Clarkston
Pam Gore Professor, Geology & STEM Liaison Clarkston
Ernie Guyton Associate Professor, Social Science Clarkston
Scott Hardy Director, Plant Operations Clarkston
Alan Jackson Vice President, Academic Affairs Decatur
Theodora Johnson Director, Student Life Dunwoody
Mike Post Instructor, Fine Arts Clarkston
Rebecca Rakoczy Public Relations Specialist III Decatur
Kevin Schwemmin Coordinator, Civic Engagement & Service Learning Dunwoody
Tyrie Smith Director, New Program Development Decatur
Nicole Vermillion Instructor, Science (limited term) Decatur
Lynn Zeigler Associate Professor, Science Clarkston