Governance Section : Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Area: Presidential

Committee Charge: Review and advise the President on matters that directly impact the college.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Faculty, department chairs, and deans rotate every two years.

Rotating Membership Selection: The president solicits membership from the college-wide community.

Committee Membership: 2010-2011

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli President Decatur Non-rotating  
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur Non-rotating  
Ron Carruth Executive VP for Financial and Administrative Affairs Decatur Non-rotating  
Dr. Vincent June VP for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Decatur Non-rotating  
Dr. Alan Jackson VP for Academic Affairs Decatur Non-rotating  
Jeff Tarnowski VP for Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-rotating  
Sheletha Champion Assistant VP for Finance Decatur Non-rotating  
Barbara Price Secretary to the President Decatur Non-rotating  
Brenda Benefield Administrative Secretary Newton Non-rotating  
Melora Mirza Librarian (AC) Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Information Officer, Director of Marketing Decatur Non-rotating  
Toni Reynolds Administrative Assistant Clarkston Non-rotating  
Hattie Greer Records Coordinator I Decatur Non-rotating  
Beverly James Assistant Director of Media Relations Decatur Non-rotating  
Ronald Taylor Maintenance Worker III Decatur Non-rotating  
Patricia Gregg Associate Director of Planning & Assessment Lakeside Non-rotating  
Glenn Pfeifer Assistant Director of Grants Decatur Non-rotating  
Rene Ward Secretary, Recruitment Clarkston Non-rotating  
Tony Bush Coordinator of Campus Technical Services Clarkston Non-rotating  
Stuart Noel Department Head, Associate Professor Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
George Vargis Associate Professor Decatur 7/01/09 7/01/11
Debra Davis Department Head, Assistant Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Pamela Gore Professor Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Alan Jackson Dean of Academic Services Newton 7/01/09 7/01/11
James Williams Associate Professor Newton 7/01/09 7/01/11
Maryann Errico Associate Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Connie Washburn Associate Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Bonnie Young Department Head, Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Fred Bounds Associate Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Randy Finley Professor Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
David Koffman Department Head, Assistant Professor Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Debra Moon Associate Professor Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Sally Wheeler Associate Professor Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11