Governance Section : Academic Master Plan Committee

Committee Area: Academic Affairs

Committee Charge:

This committee was charged with developing an academic master plan for the college that was to drive facility and fiscal decisions in support of academics. The committee was asked to develop an academic master plan that included a mission statement (aligned with the college’s missions statement), academic affairs values (aligned with the college strategic plan core values) and academic goals and objectives including academic program goals, faculty and staff goals, academic reputation goals, and competencies needed for students to function in today’s world such as 21st century skills and global competencies. The committee was asked to develop action plans to accomplish these objectives. Finally, the committee was asked to recommend future academic needs/growth depending on the needs of our students/communities.


Meeting Schedule

Membership Rotation: Faculty rotate every two years.

Rotating Membership Selection: Deans recommend faculty to the vice president of academic affairs.

Committee Membership: 2010-2011

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Alan Jackson VPAA Decatur Non-Rotating  
Barbara Brown Dean for Social Sciences Decatur Non-Rotating  
Diane White Dean for Health Sciences Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Margaret Ehrlich Dean for Mathematics, Engineeering, and Computer Science Dunwoody Non-Rotating  
Ingrid Thompson-Sellers Department Chair Decatur Non-Rotating  
Jeff Portnoy Director Honors Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Phil Smith Dean for Business and Physical Education Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Donna Brouillette Department Chair, Math Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Sheryl Shanholtzer Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Adam Stone Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
George Vargis Faculty Decatur 7/01/09 7/01/11
Robby Williams Faculty Newton 7/01/09 7/01/11
Marc Zayac Faculty Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Margie Bright-Ragland Faculty Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Mark Griffin Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Maureen Burkhart Faculty Dunwoody 8/01/09 8/01/11
Pamela Gore Faculty Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/11
Terry Bozeman Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/10 7/01/12
Beverly Lee Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/10 7/01/12
Nancy Storey Faculty Clarkston 7/01/10 7/01/12
Brenda Cherry Faculty Clarkston 7/01/10 7/01/12
Debra Denzer Faculty Clarkston 7/01/10 7/01/12