Governance Section : Academic Master Plan Previous Membership

Membership for the Academic Master Plan Committee: 2009-2010

Membership Rotation: Faculty rotate every two years.

Rotating Membership Selection: Deans recommend faculty to the vice president of academic affairs.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Virginia Michelich VPAA Decatur Non-rotating  
Betty Molloy Assistant VPAA Decatur Non-rotating  
Margaret Venable Assistant VP, Early Colleges and Special Academic Programs Decatur Non-rotating  
Debra Denzer Director CIE Clarkston Non-rotating  
Barbara Brown Dean for Social Sciences Decatur Non-rotating  
Diane White Dean for Health Sciences Clarkston Non-rotating  
Margaret Ehrlich Dean for Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Alan Jackson Dean for Humanities Newton Non-rotating  
Phil Smith Dean for Business and Physical Education Clarkston Non-rotating  
Ingrid Thompson-Sellers Department Chair Decatur Non-rotating  
Jeff Portnoy Interim Director Honors Clarkston Non-rotating  
Carol Wilkerson Academic Dean Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Sheryl Shanholtzer Faculty Dunwoody 08/01/09 08/01/11
Adam Stone Faculty Dunwoody 08/01/09 08/01/11
Debra Moon Faculty Clarkston 01/08/08 07/01/10
Diwana Lowe Faculty Clarkston 01/08/08 07/01/10
George Vargis Faculty Decatur 08/01/09 08/01/11
Harriet Thornton Faculty Clarkston 01/08/08 07/01/10
Robby Williams Faculty Newton 08/01/09 08/01/11
Marc Zayac Faculty Clarkston 08/01/09 08/01/11
Margie Bright-Ragland Faculty Clarkston 08/01/09 08/01/11
Mark Griffin Faculty Dunwoody 08/01/09 08/01/11
Maureen Burkhart Faculty Dunwoody 08/01/09 08/01/11
Pamela Gore Faculty Clarkston 08/01/09 08/01/11
Randy Finley Faculty Dunwoody 01/08/08 07/01/10