Governance Section : Retention and Graduation Committee

Committee Area: Student Affairs

Committee Charge:

To develop, review, and report on all college-wide retention, graduation, and transfer initiatives of the college.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Three years.

Rotating Membership Selection: Appointed by the vice president for academic affairs and vice president for student affairs.

Committee Membership: 2010-2011

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Dr. Vincent June VPSA (Chair) Decatur Non-rotating  
Dr. Alan Jackson VPAA Decatur Non-rotating  
Lisa Fowler Assistant VP, Enrollment Management Clarkston Non-rotating  
Coletta Carter Assistant VP, Student Development Special Programs Clarkston Non-rotating  
Me'Shi Avery Director for TRIO, SSS Decatur Non-rotating  
Dr. Nathaniel Holmes Director, ACRS Decatur Non-rotating  
Dr. Patricia Gregg Acting Director, OIRP Lakeside Non-rotating  
Alan Craig Coordinator, LTC Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Robin Winston Director, Student Financial Services Clarkston Non-rotating  
Margee Bright-Ragland Associate Professor, Faculty Senate Chair Clarkston 7/01/10 7/01/13
Dr. Margaret Ehrlich Dean of Math and Engineering Dunwoody 7/01/10 7/01/13
Dr. Paulos Yohannes Dean of Science Decatur 7/01/10 7/01/13