Governance Section : Quality Enhancement Plan Committee

Committee Area: Academic Affairs

Committee Charge:

Develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is a plan, not a report, closely tied to what the College wants to become in the next decade. It must have clear potential for observable impact on student learning (changes in knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, values). It should also be tied to ongoing planning and capable of achieving broad support within the College community. Evaluation of the QEPs effect on student learning needs to be tied to quantitative and qualitative measures.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Faculty and department chairs serve a three-year term. SGA representatives serve a one-year term.

Rotating Membership Selection: VPAA solicits faculty for membership.

Committee Membership: 2011-2012

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy (Chair) Executive Director for the Center for Teaching & Learning and Academic Initiatives (Interim) Clarkston Non-rotating  
Abdul Roux Director, GPC Educational Achievement Program Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Collins Foster Director of Alumni Relations Decatur Non-rotating  
Kevin Schwemmin Service Learning Coordinator Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Barry Gray GPC Foundation Board and Community Representative Community Non-rotating  
Coletta Hassell-Carter Assistant VP for Student Development and Special Programs Clarkston Non-rotating  
Patricia L. Gregg Associate Director, Planning & Assessment and Acting Director, Institutional Effectiveness Lakeside Non-rotating  
Ex-officio members
Barbara Brown SACS Liaison; Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Lakeside Non-rotating  
Ethel Brown Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-rotating  
Vicki Carew-Johnson Director of Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-rotating  
Pamela Joseph Assistant director for Web Technologies Lakeside Non-rotating  
Vincent June VP for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Decatur Non-rotating  
Alan Jackson VP for Academic Affairs Decatur Non-rotating  
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Information Officer; Director of Marketing Decatur Non-rotating  
Glenn Pfeifer Assistant Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-rotating  
Jeff Tarnowski VP for Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-rotating  
Anthony Tricoli President Decatur Non-rotating  
Julius Whitaker Chief of Staff - Executive Assistant to the President Decatur Non-rotating  
Sean Brumfield Executive Director, Civic Engagement and Service Learning Clarkston Non-rotating  
Janan Fallon Associate Professor of Spanish Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Andrea Hendricks Associate Professor of Mathematics Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Rosalyn C. Jacobs Assistant Professor of Humanities Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Pamela Leggett-Robinson Associate Professor of Chemistry; Department Chair Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
George Lonberger Assistant Professor of Geography Newton 7/01/09 7/01/12
Lee McKinley Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems Newton 7/01/09 7/01/12
Debi Moon Associate Professor of Legal Environment of Business Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Linda Mullins Assistant Professor of Accounting Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Nicolette Rose Associate Professor of English Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Janet Shanteau Assistant Professor of English Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Adam Stone Associate Professor of Political Science Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Luise Strange De Soria Professor of Chemistry Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Elizabeth Wallace Instructor of ESL Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Diane E. White Associate Professor of Nursing; Department Chair Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Katrina Allen SGA Representative Clarkston 10/01/10 5/01/11
Melora Mirza Library Services Dunwoody 10/01/10 7/01/12
Tracie Justus Assistant Professor of ESL/Foreign Languages Clarkston 5/01/11 7/01/12
Tracy Adkins Director of Academic Technology; OIT Lakeside 5/01/11 7/01/12
Keith Cobbs Dean of Student Services Newton 5/01/11 7/01/12
Peggy Curney Davis Program Coordinator, CTL Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12


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