Governance Section : Quality Enhancement Plan Committee

Membership Rotation: Faculty and department chairs serve a three-year term with the option of a second. SGA representatives serve a one-year term.

Rotating Membership Selection: VPAA solicits faculty for membership.

Committee Membership: 2010-2011

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Angela Bonet Director, GPC Educational Achievement Program Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Collins Foster Director of Alumni Relations Decatur Non-rotating  
TBA Executive Director, Civic Engagement and Service Learning Clarkston Non-rotating  
Barry Gray GPC Foundation Board and Community Representative Community Non-rotating  
Coletta Hassell-Carter Assistant VP for Student Development and Special Programs Clarkston Non-rotating  
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Executive Director for the Center for Teaching & Learning and Academic Initiatives (Interim); QEP Chair Lakeside Non-rotating  
Godfrey Noe Director, OIRP Lakeside Non-rotating  
Ex-officio members
Barbara Brown SACS Liaison; Dean of Social Sciences Decatur Non-rotating  
Ethel Brown Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-rotating  
Vicki Carew-Johnson Director of Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-rotating  
Pamela Joseph Assistant director for Web Technologies Lakeside Non-rotating  
Vincent June VP for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Decatur Non-rotating  
Alan Jackson VP for Academic Affairs Decatur Non-rotating  
Barbara Obrentz Chief Public Information Officer; Director of Marketing Decatur Non-rotating  
Glenn Pfeifer Assistant Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-rotating  
Jeff Tarnowski VP for Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-rotating  
Anthony Tricoli President Decatur Non-rotating  
Julius Whitaker Executive Assistant to the President Decatur Non-rotating  
Sean Brumfield Executive Director, Civic Engagement and Service Learning Clarkston Non-rotating  
Janan Fallon Associate Professor of Spanish Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Andrea Hendricks Associate Professor of Mathematics Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Rosalyn C. Jacobs Assistant Professor of Humanities Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Pamela Leggett-Robinson Associate Professor of Chemistry; Department Chair Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
George Lonberger Assistant Professor of Geography Newton 7/01/09 7/01/12
Lee McKinley Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems Newton 7/01/09 7/01/12
Debi Moon Associate Professor of Legal Environment of Business Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Linda Mullins Assistant Professor of Accounting Online 7/01/09 7/01/12
Nicolette Rose Associate Professor of English Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Janet Shanteau Assistant Professor of English Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Adam Stone Associate Professor of Political Science Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/12
Luise Strange De Soria Professor of Chemistry Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Elizabeth Wallace Instructor of ESL Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Diane E. White Associate Professor of Nursing; Department Chair Clarkston 7/01/09 7/01/12
Katrina Allen SGA Representative Clarkston 10/01/10 5/01/11
Melora Mirza Library Services Dunwoody 10/01/10 7/01/12


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