Governance Section : Information Technology Advisory Committee

Committee Area: Information Technology

Committee Charge:

The OIT Advisory Committee is to facilitate an effective, sustainable process for collaborative IT decisions, planning, and assessment in support of GPC's mission and strategic priorities.

Membership Rotation: Members rotate every two years.

Rotating Membership Selection: Faculty vacancies in OIT Advisory Committee shall be filled by the executive vice president.

Committee Membership: 2009-2010

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Ron Carruth Executive Vice President Decatur Non-rotating  
Chris Burge Director, Information Technology Lakeside Non-rotating  
Tracy Cummings Assistant Director, Information Technology Decatur Non-rotating  
Dawn Davis Business Analyst, IT Lakeside Non-rotating  
Lewis Godwin Director, Finance Clarkston Non-rotating  
Dexter Banks Director, IT Lakeside Non-rotating  
Eva Lautemann Director, LCR Clarkston Non-rotating  
Beth Harris Scheduling Administrator Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Richard Beaubien Director, Recruiting Clarkston Non-rotating  
Vincent June Vice President, Student Services and Enrollment Decatur Non-rotating  
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Director, CTL Decatur Non-rotating  
Godfrey Noe Director, IRP Lakeside Non-rotating  
Alan Jackson VPAA Decatur Non-rotating  
Deborah Robinson Director, CISO, IT Lakeside Non-rotating  
Doug Ruch Associate Director, Administration and Records Clarkston Non-rotating  
Evelyn Ting Executive Director, Online Clarkston Non-rotating  
Phil Smith Dean, Business, Physical Education, and SLIP Clarkston Non-rotating  
David Babb Director, ISS Clarkston Non-rotating  
Teresa Adams Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/09 7/01/11
Bettie LaDuke Faculty Online 7/01/10 7/01/11
Tamara Ortgies-Young Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/10 7/01/11