Governance Section : Honors Council Previous Membership

Committee Area: Academic Affairs

Committee Charge:

The Honors Council supports the mission of the honors program and is responsible for overseeing the policies and vision that govern the structure and operation of the honors program. The Honors Council works closely with the director of the honors program and the campus honors program coordinators to maintain the integrity and quality of the honors program and to enhance its operations and its standing in the academic community. Along with the administrators of the honors program, the Honors Council collaborates with individuals and groups to develop, approve, and review new initiatives.

Membership Rotation: No specific term has been determined; to date, the limits have been determined by the memberís ongoing interest in promoting the mission of the honors program.

Rotating Membership Selection: The original members of the Honors Council were appointed by the Academic Vice President. Additional members have been asked to serve by the Director of the Honors Program because of their interest in and support for the Honors Program and the desire to have campuses and disciplines represented on the committee.

Committee Membership: 2011

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Jeff Portnoy (Chair) Director Honors/Honors Coordinator Clarkston 7/01/07  
Jason Dew Honors Coordinator/Faculty Dunwoody 1/01/11  
Salli Vargis Honors Coordinator/Faculty Newton 7/01/07  
Terry Bozeman Honors Coordinator/Faculty Decatur 7/01/10  
Katherine Perry Honors Coordinator/Faculty Alpharetta 8/15/11  
Stuart Noel Chair/Faculty Clarkston 7/01/07  
Ted Wadley Chair/Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/07  
Jim Engstrom Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/07  
Rosemary Cox Faculty Clarkston 7/01/07  
Ken Fenster Faculty Clarkston 7/01/10  
Paul Hudson Faculty Clarkston 9/01/10  
Susan McGrath Faculty Clarkston 7/01/07  
Bill Price Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/07  
Lora Mirza Librarian/Faculty Dunwoody 7/01/08  
Susan Lofstrom Dual Enrollment/Faculty Clarkston 7/01/07  
Joe Cannon, Jr. Interim Dean Alpharetta 7/01/07