Governance Section : Information Technology Advisory Committee

Committee Area: Information Technology

Committee Charge: The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is to facilitate an effective, sustainable process for collaborative Information technology and information systems decisions, planning and assessment in support of GPC’s mission and strategic priorities and also serve in an advisory capacity to the Information Technology Policy Council for the recommendation of IT policies to the President’s Policy Board within GPC’s governance structure.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Members rotate every 3 years.

Rotating Membership Selection: Members are appointed by the Chief Information Officer/Assistant Vice President.

Committee Membership: 2011-2012

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Reid Christenberry (Chair) Chief Information Officer/Assistant VP Lakeside Non-rotating  
Tracy Adkins IT Director, Academic Technology Lakeside Non-rotating  
Joe Amador IT Director, Projects, Planning, & Administration Lakeside Non-rotating  
Dexter Banks IT Director, Technical Support Services Lakeside Non-rotating  
Chris Burge IT Director, Infrastructure & Chief Technology Officer Lakeside Non-rotating  
Debra Cronin IT Director, Client Relations & Services Lakeside Non-rotating  
Ken Quattlebaum IT Director, Information Systems Lakeside Non-rotating  
Deborah Robinson IT Director/Chief Information Security Officer Lakeside Non-rotating  
Catherine Binuya Director, Online Student Services Clarkston 03/01/11 06/30/14
Patricia Gregg Associate Director, Planning and Assessment / Acting Director, Institutional Research and Planning Lakeside 07/01/10 06/30/13
Eva Lautemann Director, Learning Resource Center / Assistant Professor Clarkston 07/01/10 06/30/12
Doug Ruch Associate Director, Admissions and Records Clarkston 07/01/10 06/30/13
Phil Smith Dean, Academic Services Clarkston 07/01/10 06/30/13
Pamela Moolenaar-Wirsiy Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Decatur 07/01/10 06/30/12
Lauri Goodling Instructor, Distance Learning Online 07/01/10 06/30/13
Bettie LaDuke Instructor, Distance Learning Online 07/01/10 06/30/13
Tamra Ortgies-Young Instructor, Social Science Dunwoody 07/01/10 06/30/13
Eboni Ivery Student Decatur 11/01/11 06/30/12
Meimi Simon Student Decatur 11/01/11 06/30/12