Governance Section : President's Cabinet

Charge: Serves as an advisory body to the President for the purpose of addressing, assisting, and advising on matters of the College and the community at-large; provides leadership and support for strategic priorities and goal accomplishment; and analyzes information / data reports that lead to new or improved processes and systems in support of organizational and academic excellence, service, and leadership.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Rotating Membership Selection: Faculty and staff elect their respective senate chairs.  Chairs rotate every two years.


Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Mr. Rob Watts Interim President Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. Ron Stark Executive Vice President for Financial & Administrative Affairs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dr. Ingrid Thompson-Sellers Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. Jeff Tarnowski Vice President for Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dr. Vincent June Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Services Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dr. John Clower Interim Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Services Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. Mark Hoeting Assistant Vice President / Chief Information Officer Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Mr. Julius Whitaker Interim Director of Governance and Policy Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Dr. Donald Pearl Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs & College Completion Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. John Millsaps Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. Jim Rasmus Executive Director for Human Resources Decatur Non-Rotating  
Ms. Fran Mohr Director of Customer Service Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Ms. Diane Hickey Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Mr. Kwabena Boakye Director of Internal Audits Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dr. Paulos Yohannes Dean of Science Newton Non-Rotating  
Ms. Tina Philpot Interim Dean of Business Kinesiology and Health & Sign Language Dunwoody Non-Rotating  
Dr. Shelia Garland Dean of Health Sciences Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Dr. Margaret Ehrlich Dean of Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Online Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Dr. Marla Calico Interim Dean of Arts & Humanities Dunwoody Non-Rotating  
Dr. Susan Cody Dean of Social Sciences Dunwoody Non-Rotating  
Dr. Stuart Noel Dean of English Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dr. Susan Finazzo Dean of Institutional Research & Planning Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Ms. Debra Denzer Faculty Senate Chair Clarkston 7/1/14 7/1/15
Ms. Kara Kennebrew Staff Senate Chair Alpharetta 7/1/14 7/1/15