Policy Section : IAPC Membership

Membership for the Institutional Advancement Policy Council: 2011-2012

Membership Rotation (Frequency): Faculty members and support staff representatives serve four-year terms. Student representatives serve two-year terms.

Rotating Membership Selection: Selection of rotating members made by the vice president for institutional advancement.

Committee Membership (Effective July 1, 2011)

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Jeff Tarnowski Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Chair Decatur Non-Rotating  
Vicki Carew-Johnson Director of Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-Rotating  
Barbara Obrentz Director of Marketing and Public Relations Decatur Non-Rotating  
Ethel Brown Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Collins Foster Director of Alumni Relations Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dexter Banks Director of Educational Technologies Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Wally Weihe Director of Center for Organizational Development Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Debra Denzer Director of Center for International Education Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Robin Winston Director of Student Financial Services Clarkston Non-Rotating  
TBA Athletics Representative   Non-Rotating  
Godfrey Noe Director of Institutional Research and Planning Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Liam Madden Distinguished Chair (Faculty) Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Suzanne Dickerson Support Staff Newton 7/1/09 7/1/13
Amy Roberts Support Staff Alpharetta 7/1/09 7/1/13
Gay Stahr Support Staff Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
Jason Flato Faculty Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
Margie Lewkowicz Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/13
Joanne Weir Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/13
Ulrike LaHaise Faculty Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
LaToya Fraser Student Representative Decatur 7/1/11 7/1/13
Antonio Garay Student Representative Decatur 7/1/11 7/1/13


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