Policy Section : SAPC Previous Membership

Membership for the Student Affairs Policy Council: 2011-2012

Membership Rotation: Faculty rotate every two years.  Students rotate every year.

Rotating Membership Selection: Faculty members are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Students are selected by the SGA.

Committee Membership (Effective July 1, 2011):

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Coletta Hassell-Carter Asst. Vice President (Chair) Clarkston 2008 Non-Rotating
Vincent June VPSA Decatur 2008 Non-Rotating
Mary Brown Student Services Dean Decatur 2008 Non-Rotating
Keith Cobbs Student Services Dean Newton 2008 Non-Rotating
Lisa Fowler Asst. Vice President Clarkston 2008 Non-Rotating
Deb Homer Student Services Dean Clarkston 2008 Non-Rotating
Norvell Jackson Student Services Dean Dunwoody 2008 Non-Rotating
Bonnie Martin Director of Disability Services Clarkston 2008 Non-Rotating
Frank Nash Student Services Dean Alpharetta 2008 Non-Rotating
Doug Ruch College Registrar Clarkston 2008 Non-Rotating
Sabrina Freeney Faculty Clarkston 7/1/11 7/1/12
Ann Hardy Faculty Clarkston 7/1/11 7/1/12
Richard Kirk Faculty Clarkston 7/1/11 7/1/12
John Anderson Faculty Decatur 7/1/11 7/1/12
Andrew Cooper Student Newton 7/1/11 7/1/12
Cynthia Tchio Student Dunwoody 7/1/11 7/1/12