Governance Section : Institutional Advancement Policy Council

Membership for the Institutional Advancement Policy Council: 2010-2011

Committee Membership

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Jeff Tarnowski Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Chair Decatur Non-Rotating  
Vicki Carew-Johnson Director of Institutional Advancement Decatur Non-Rotating  
Barbara Obrentz Director of Marketing and Public Relations Decatur Non-Rotating  
Ethel Brown Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Collins Foster Director of Alumni Relations Decatur Non-Rotating  
Dexter Banks Director of Educational Technologies Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Wally Weihe Director of Center for Organizational Development Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Debra Denzer Director of Center for International Education Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Robin Winston Director of Student Financial Services Clarkston Non-Rotating  
TBA Athletics Representative   Non-Rotating  
Godfrey Noe Director of Institutional Research and Planning Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Liam Madden Distinguished Chair (Faculty) Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Suzanne Dickerson Support Staff Newton 7/1/09 7/1/13
Amy Roberts Support Staff Alpharetta 7/1/09 7/1/13
Gay Stahr Support Staff Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
Jason Flato Faculty Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
Margie Lewkowicz Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/13
Joanne Weir Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/13
Ulrike LaHaise Faculty Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/13
Sharda Short Student Representative   7/1/09 7/1/11
Dabanga Guilford Student Represenative   7/1/09 7/1/11