Policy Section : FAPC Previous Membership

Policy Council: Financial and Administrative Affairs Policy Council: 2009-2010

Membership Rotation: Student services, faculty, and support staff representatives rotate every three years. Student representatives rotate every year.

Rotating Membership Selection: Vacancies in the Financial and Administrative Affairs Policy Council shall be filled by the executive vice president with the approval of the Presidentís Policy Advisory Board.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Ron Carruth Executive Vice President (Chair) Decatur Non-Rotating  
Reid Christenberry AVP Information Technology Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Sheletha Champion AVP Financial Affairs Decatur Non-Rotating  
Lewis Godwin Director Plant Operations Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Scott Hardy Director Facilities Planning Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Jim Rasmus Executive Director Human Resources Decatur Non-Rotating  
Nicholas Marinelli Chief of Police – Public Safety Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Godfrey Noe Director Institutional Research and Planning Lakeside Non-Rotating  
Tiffany Britt Internal Auditor Decatur Non-Rotating  
Fran Mohr Customer Service Clarkston Non-Rotating  
Norvell Jackson Student Services Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/12
Keith Cobbs Student Services Newton 7/1/09 7/1/12
Elizabeth Harris Support Staff Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/12
Glenn Sierko Support Staff/P&A Lakeside 7/1/09 7/1/12
Mark Griffin Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/09 7/1/12
Debi Moon Faculty Clarkston 7/1/09 7/1/12
Margaret Major Faculty Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/12
Elaine Bryan Faculty Newton 7/1/09 7/1/12
Courtney Ashley Student Representative Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/10
Timaley Russell Student Representative Decatur 7/1/09 7/1/10



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