Policy Section : AAPC Previous Membership

Membership for the Academic Affairs Policy Council: 2010-2011

Membership Rotation: Faculty members, department chairs, and deans serve a two-year term.

Rotating Membership Selection: The Faculty Senate shall elect the faculty members during the Spring Semester with the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Department Chairs shall elect the Department Chair. Academic and Student Services Deans shall elect their respective Dean.

Committee Membership (Effective July 1, 2010)

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes Discipline
Dr. Alan Jackson Vice President Decatur Non-Rotating    
Dr. Vincent June Vice President Decatur Non-Rotating    
Ms. Robin Winston Director of Student Financial Services Clarkston Non-Rotating    
Mr. Douglas Ruch College Registrar Clarkston Non-Rotating    
TBA Executive Director, GPC Online Clarkston Non-Rotating    
Dr. Jonathan Lochamy Chair, AAPC Task Team (Faculty) Clarkston Non-Rotating    
Ms. Margee Bright-Ragland Faculty Senate Chair Clarkston 7/1/10 7/1/12  
Ms. Tina Philpot Department Chair Dunwoody 3/15/10 7/1/12  
Ms. Deb Homer Student Services Dean Clarkston 3/15/10 7/1/12  
Stuart Noel Interim Division Dean Clarkston 7/1/10 7/1/12  
Mr. Illiad Connally Faculty Dunwoody 7/1/11 7/1/13 P.E./Business
Ms. Andrea DiBenardo Faculty Clarkston 3/15/10 12/7/10 ESL/Foreign Language
Ms. Barbara Hall Faculty Clarkston 12/7/10 7/1/12 ESL/Foreign Language
Ms. Risa Handman Faculty Dunwoody 3/15/10 7/1/12 Health Sciences
Mr. Lee Jones Faculty Online 7/1/09 7/1/11 Humanities/Fine Arts
Dr. Erin Morrey Faculty Dunwoody 3/15/10 7/1/12 Science
Dr. Tom Graham Faculty Dunwoody 3/15/11 7/1/13 Social Science
Ms. Emily Whaley Faculty Clarkston 7/1/09 7/1/11 Math
Tiara Burnett Student Representative Clarkston 2/15/11 7/1/11  
Lydia Kamau Student Representative Decatur 2/15/11 7/1/11  


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