How to join Perimeter College Community Wind Ensemble

Applicants for membership in the Perimeter College Wind Ensemble’s shall have attained the age of 18 years; be required to demonstrate satisfactory musical competence as determined by the Conductor; and agree to fulfill all the responsibilities of membership set forth in the Bylaws and Operating Procedures. The minimum age requirement for membership in the ensemble is hereby amended so as to exempt those otherwise below the minimum age requirement but jointly enrolled in both high school and Perimeter College.

Perimeter College Student enrollment Perimeter College students can join the Wind Ensemble at any time while studying at the Perimeter College.

To be able to receive a credit (1 cr. hour) you must register for the Wind Ensemble as a class.

Students who are taking more than 15 cr. hours are eligible to sign up at no extra cost.

To sign up for Perimeter College Wind Ensemble, please contact Perimeter College Fine Arts office: 678-891-3556.

Join enrollment (for interested high school students) Perimeter College invites qualified high school seniors and juniors to participate in an exceptional academic program which offers small classes, individual attention from instructors, and the opportunity to take core classes to fulfill college requirements.

Joint enrollment students can join Perimeter College Wind Ensemble regardless of their main focus of study and can participate whether they are music students or not.

Music classes available for joint enrollment students:

Music Theory 1

Music Fundamentals

Ear Training 1

Applied Major instrument (All Woodwind, Brass and    Percussion instruments)

Secondary instrument or voice

Major Performance Ensemble

Composition 1

Music Appreciation


You get a head start on college.

You experience teaching excellence.

You gain college experience.

You save time.

You save money.

You may be eligible to participate in the Honors Program.

To learn more about joint enrollment please click here.

For Community wind/percussion players

Membership is open to all musicians both amateur and professional.

To schedule an audition, please call Slava Michael Prudchenko 678-729-7089

No membership fees or dues required.

Instrument rental possibilities (rental fee will apply).

Other information about Fine arts Department at Perimeter College
  • Two new computer labs support hardware and software currently used in the graphics and music industry.

  • There are private sound studios for individual teaching and practice, and larger studios for ensembles and groups.

  • The 500 seat Cole auditorium and proscenium stage along with scene and costume shops, orchestra pit, state of the art lighting, sound, recording, and projection equipment, support fully staged theatrical productions, concerts, recitals, and shows.

  • The Music Program offers courses for the student planning to major in music, or for students wishing to pursue music for self-enrichment.

  • In addition to teaching, the instructors maintain their own professional careers as performers, composers, conductors, and recording engineers.

  • Perimeter College students and ensembles excel in concerts, recitals, competitions and many have been featured at state and national conventions.

  • For additional information about Perimeter College Fine Arts Department please click here.