Welcome to Default Prevention!

Our Goal:

To educate the college community on long-term initiatives and goals regarding loan borrowing, repayment, repayment incentives as well as default prevention tips.  Ensuring that our students are well-informed of resources available to them to prevent loan delinquency and defaulting.  Educating our students will assist in maintaining a low Cohort default rate at our institution.

Our Vision Statement:

Our students will be educated in regards to the loans they borrow, and conscious of the amount of money they have to repay.

There's greater success when you borrow less!

Default Prevention Tips, Important News, Upcoming Events:


Join us this Fall for a workshop on

“Understanding Student Loans”

The decision to borrow to pay for your college education is an important one to make.  Varying interest rates, loan requirements, repayment options and more can be confusing.  If you currently have a student loan or thinking about it for the future, attend one of the sessions below for better understanding.  Bring your questions!


Sponsored by Student Financial Services


Decatur Campus

October 8, 2014

Room:  SB 1110

Time:  12;00 - 1:00PM

Dunwoody Campus

October 15, 2014

Room:  NB 2100

Time:  12:00 - 1:00PM

Newton Campus

October 22, 2014

Room:  2N 2260

Time:  12:00 - 1:00PM

Clarkston Campus

October 29, 2014

Room:  CN 2240

Time:  12:00 - 1:00PM




Nelnet is committed to providing the resources needed to help students develop healthy financial habits during and after college. Listen to what they have put together during their Money Mondays, a webinar series for students that covers basic financial literacy topics such as budgeting, credit, loans, and more.

Money Mondays Webinar Schedule

Get smart about money by attending a brief webinar each Monday at 2:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. (Eastern). We examine various aspects of personal financial wellness to better equip you to build wealth. Topics include Personal Finance 101, Saving and Investing Basics, and Understanding the Implications of Credit Card Use.

Check out the registration page to see what's available this month.



10 Ways to Avoid Default

Your financial situation is strengthened when you avoid default.

The best way to avoid default is to build a relationship with your servicer, especially when you cannot make your payments.  Your servicer will assist you with any problems you may experience during the repayment of your student loan.  Stay on top of the situation by following these 10 guidelines:

  1. 1.       Understand your rights and responsibilities regarding your repayment obligation as well as your repayment options.

  2. 2.       Borrow only the amount you need and only what you can reasonably expect to repay.

  3. 3.       Keep all records regarding your loan.  Make copies of all letters, cancelled checks, and documents you sign.

  4. 4.       Notify your servicer when you have a change of name, address, phone number, or if you change schools or enrollment     status.

  5. 5.       Seek help as early as possible if you have any difficulty maintaining your student loan repayment arrangement.

  6. 6.       Talk to your servicer if you have any questions about the particular terms of your loan

  7. 7.       Keep credit card debt to a minimum or avoid credit card debt completely.

  8. 8.       Create and maintain a budget that is within your monthly income.

  9. 9.       Consider making nominal loan payments while in school.  This will reduce the amount you owe after graduation.

  10. 10.    Make loan payments on time.