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The following materrials can be found on the National Service Clearninghouse website.

Faculty Service Learning Manuals / Toolkits

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning: Service-Learning Course Design Workbook

Misunderstandings about academic service-learning, as well as the absence of a service-learning course design publication, have motivated the development of this workbook. It is dedicated to clarifying the range of what qualifies as academic service-learning, and prescribing a planning process for designing and developing a bona fide service-learning course. The specific aims of this workbook are: 1) to clear up the confusion about academic service-learning, 2) to establish clear criteria by which we can judge candidacy for service-learning coursers, 3) to fill the gap for a service-learning course design workbook, and 4) to strengthen individual and collective service-learning practice. This workbook, then, unravels the confusion behind, and establishes a clear conceptualization for, academic service-learning - a pedagogical model that involves sophisticated teaching skills as well as sophisticated learning skills. And it offers a planning process for designing and developing a service-learning course that subscribes to this conceptualization, that is applicable to new and existing service-learning courses, and that is useful for novice and veteran service-learning faculty.

Faculty Toolkit for Service Learning in Higher Education

The materials in the toolkit are divided into ten units designed to aid faculty in every step of planning, designing, and implementing service-learning programs into their curriculum and institutions as well as program evaluation and assessment. Each unit includes tips and in-depth content information about the topic presented and most units include case studies providing 'real life' experiences for readers to learn from.