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The following materrials can be found on the National Service Clearninghouse website.

Reflection Guides

Connecting Thinking and Action: Ideas for Service-Learning and Reflection

Reflection is one of the most powerful components of service-learning. This book helps educators by giving them ideas for connecting thinking and action in service-learning. A brief summary of the research and theory about reflection is presented as a basis for reflection ideas, and is searchable across all grade levels, subject areas and stages of service-learning projects. These ideas intentionally target important higher-order thinking skills for students and are presented in a user friendly manner for educators. Each idea is explained step-by-step, and additional options for further enriching the reflection process are provided. Worksheet templates are included to complement selected reflection ideas. With personal touch and creativity, teachers can mold these ideas to meet the needs of students at any grade level.

Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Leaders and Educators

This guide is developed for educators and group leaders as a tool to help integrate and improve reflection techniques. The first section of the manual introduces the proper technique for effective facilitation of reflection. Facilitation skill is especially important for reflection pertaining to service experience, as a wide range of opinions and emotions can be expressed, and many of the topics of discussion are controversial. The facilitation section of the manual also includes samples of challenging situations for facilitators and describes appropriate responses. The second section of the manual outlines the steps to take, and things to consider, in developing reflection sessions. The third section explains the reflection circle, the most basic form of structured externalized reflection, and provides the reader with a selection of sample questions that can be used to initiate reflection. Finally, there are descriptions of reflection activities and additional forms of reflection.

With Service in Mind: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Psychology

This book begins with six articles that address how psychological theory, research, and practice bear on collaborating with communities, interpreting changes in students, and using psychological techniques to understand and act on social problems. The remaining articles demonstrate how service-learning can be effectively integrated into a variety of psychology courses so that student learning is enhanced in breadth and depth. Articles include the following:

  • Collaborating with the Community: Psychology and Service-Learning- Donna Duffy and Robert Bringle
  • An Overview of Current Psychological Theory and Research on Altruism and Prosocial Behavior- Martha Kitzrow
  • Service-Learning and Psychology: Lessons from the Psychology of Volunteers' Motivations- E. Gil Clary, et al
  • Attributions About Misery: A Social Psychological Analysis- Robert Bringle and Pamela Velo
  • Developmental Psychology and Service-Learning: A Theoretical Framework- Jay Brandenberger
  • Service-Learning and the Development of Expert Citizens: Service-Learning and Cognitive Science- Janet Eyler, at al
  • The Helping Alliance and Service-Learning- Jeremy Leeds/ Professor McKenna Teaches Introductory Psychology- Donna Duffy and Robert Bringle
  • Strategies for Service-Learning: Internalization and Empowerment by Carol Werner
  • Service-Learning: From Process to Impact- Randall Osborne, et al
  • Human Relations: A Service-Learning Approach- David Johnson
  • Bringing Undergraduate Service-Learning Into a High-Risk, Urban Environment- Maurice Elias and Gregg Gambone
  • Service-Learning Through Action-Research Partnerships- Georgia Nigro and Stanton Wortham
  • Service-Learning and Cross-Cultural Psychology- Iva GreyWolf
  • Reflections on an Established Service-Learning Program: The Development Disabilities Immersion Program at UCLA- Arvan Fluharty and Parvin Kassaie
  • Applying Service-Learning to the Problem of Prejudice: A Psychology and Theater Course- Stevenson Carlebach and Jefferson Singer