Move On When Ready Program


What if my Child Decides to Withdraw?

It will not be a problem if your child withdraws from MOWR classes in the first day or two of the semester. This is called the "add-drop" time. This time frame is determined by the GPC registrars office and is posted online before each semester begins. If your child withdraws after the "add-drop" period, it can hurt their grade and it will cost you money. MOWR will not pay for a class if your child withdraws from it. You will have to pay the tuition and fees for the class and return the book immediately.

Your child must talk to his or her high school counselor and the MOWR Coordinator if he or she wants to withdraw from a class. Learn more about withdrawing from a GPC class.


The college wide instructions for how to submit a college withdrawal are here.
Remember though that this does not complete the process and that the student MUST notify their MOWR Coordinator immedieately.

The student MUST continue to attend class until they hear directly from their MOWR Coordinator informing them it is ok to stop attending class.