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Can I get my Child's Grades?

FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, has very clear rules about ownership of educational records.

FERPA regulations are different for colleges than for high schools.

Once a student is accepted as a college student, regardless of the age of the student or who is paying the bills, the educational records become the property of the student. GPC instructors and administrators are not permitted to discuss attendance, academic progress, or disciplinary actions with a parent alone. However, FERPA does not prevent GPC instructors and administrators from discussing a studentís progress with the high school counselor. Plus, a student can request a meeting that includes parents in which case parents can be included in the discussion.

Students can check their academic progress at any point during the semester by speaking with their instructor. Encourage your child to keep track of his or her own grades. GPC doesnít mail out grade reports to students. Soon after the end of the semester, students can see their final course grades in the Student Information System.