Move On When Ready Program

High School Counselors

This page is currently under construction. Please contact a MOWR coordinator for details.


What is the MOWR Program?

Move On when Ready is a state of Georgia program that pays full tuition, fees, and books for qualified classes.
Students who are still in high school are not eligible for federal funds and do not complete the FAFSA.
The MOWR Program is now available in the summer session.

Students are responsible for additional fees that are not covered by MOWR.

Effective July 1, 2010
1-2 semester hours = 0.5 Carnegie unit
3-5 semester hours = 1.0 Carnegie unit


For more information from the Georgia Department Of Education click here.


Eligibility Requirements:

• To be eligible for MOWR funding your students have to be accepted into the MOWR Program with Georgia Perimeter College and it only applies to the courses which the state has identified on the GPC MOWR approved course list.

• Encourage your students to complete all portions of the GPC application carefully and thoroughly.

• A social security number is required to receive MOWR funds.

• Remind your students to make sure that they have entered their correct social security numbers on the GPC application and also on the MOWR application. Social security numbers that don’t match are a leading reason why MOWR applications are rejected.