Dual Enrollment
Fast Forward to Your Future

Start Your College Career Before You Graduate High School!

If youíre a qualified senior or junior you can take college courses while still in high school through Georgia Perimeter Collegeís Dual Enrollment Program. Credits earned as a Dual Enrollment student with GPC will transfer to most other colleges and universities through-out Georgia and the US.



Follow this link to access the MOWR Student Participation Agreement Form:




If you are unsure if this applies to you, please call our office immediately.


Admission Requirements

     1.    Click here:  Steps To Dual Enrollment / MOWR


Next Steps for Accepted Dual Enrollment Students

1.   Complete and submit the Move On When Ready Student Participation Agreement signed by you, your parent, and your high school guidance counselor.  Please bring this completed form to your advisement/orientation appointment with the Dual Enrollment/MOWR Coordinator.

2.     Complete the Move On When Ready application for funding from the Georgia Student Finance Commission.  You must complete the electronic version of the application via the GAcollege411 website. (Exception: Home school students may complete the PDF version.)

3.     Submit AP scores (if applicable).  You may be eligible for college credit for most AP exams on which you scored 3 or higher.  Georgia Perimeter Collegeís code is 5711.  Students are responsible for checking with their intended four year institutions to see what they will accept for AP scores as these differ from one institution to another.

4.     Set up your Georgia Perimeter email account.  Set this up right away! Remember that Georgia Perimeter will send all important emails to your Georgia Perimeter email address.  Please start using the Georgia Perimeter email to contact us.

5.     Verify your lawful presence.  (If you have not already done so)  All admitted students who plan to enroll must comply with the Lawful Presence requirements detailed here. Learnerís permits and high school identification cards are not accepted.

6.     Submit required immunization records.  Contact the GPC Student Health Center for more details and contact information.

7.     Schedule math placement test.  Dual Enrollment/MOWR students must take the Math Placement if they plan to take a Math course higher than Math 1111 (College Algebra).  Contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment for the Math Placement Test.  This test will cost $20.

8.     Call and schedule an advisement/orientation appointment to come in and meet with your Dual Enrollment/MOWR Coordinator for registration. Students taking a GPC course at their high school will not need an appointment.