A celebration of the cultural richness of Georgia Perimeter College.

Dunwoody 2014 Culture Fest

April 3, 2014
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Student Center, 2nd Floor

Culture Fest 2014 Selfies

==>Six Pages of Photos from 2014 Culture Fest!<==

Culture Fest 2014 Video

Attractions From Around the World:

Clip art showing a globe with continents and oceans
*** International Food Tasting
*** Table Displays of Culture, Country, or Organization (prizes)
*** World Music
*** International Fashion Parade (prizes)
*** Ballroom Dancing/Viennese Waltz
*** Hacky Sack (footbag) Contest

Culture Fest vividly demonstrates the diversity of the Dunwoody Campus.  We have had table displays from a wide variety of countries and cultures including the African Student Association, Angola, Armenia, Atlanta Chinese School (Chinese Knots), Bangladesh, Belize, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Calligraphy, Cameroon, Chile, China, Chinese Club, Critical Languages, Francophone Cultures, Gabon, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Japan Club, Korea, Korean Club, Latino Connection, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Palestine, Russia, Senegal, Spanish Club, Study Abroad, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, and many more!

"Best Table" Winners for 2014:

     First Place--Turkey
     Second Place--Gabon
     Third Place--Korea

"Best Dressed" Winners for 2014:

     First Place Female--#24 Veronique Ivala - Gabon
     Second Place Female--#11 Sarah Abdullah- Iraq
     Third Place Female--#19 - Sen Thiang Khup - Myanmar (Burma) 

     First Place Male--#7 Juan Cadenas - Mexico
     Second Place Male--#8 Yekta Yalcin - Turkey
     Third Place Male--#3 Kaseen Branch - France 


Winners from prior years.

Students in traditional attire for the 2011 Culture Fest Fashion Parade: 

Students in traditional attire for the Fashion Parade at the 2011 Culture Fest

Photos of Culture Fest 2013
Photos of Culture Fest 2012
Photos of Culture Fest 2011
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Photos of Culture Fest 2009

2014 Dunwoody Culture Fest Committee

Veronique Barnes    Barbara Bateman    Suzanne Bentz    Alan Craig    Lisa Davie
Janan Fallon    Carolina Ghanem-Cameron    Jessie Hayden   
Theodora Johnson    Eric Kendrick    Nancy McDaniel    Tacoma Robinson

Image shows flags of several countries