Career Assessments



Below are the links and login information for assessment tools used to assist students in deciding on a major, and choosing a suitable career.

Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)

PASSWORD: gcis588

Creating a profile will allow you to save and access assessment results which can be reviewed at a later date when meeting with a career counselor.

Assessment links (helps you narrow down your career choices): Interest Profiler, Work Importance Locator, Skills and Career Cluster Inventory

Occupations links (lets you decide which occupation characteristics are important to you): Occupations Sort Classic and Occupation Filter

Individuals taking assessments are generally asked to explore careers that match the top 3 scores of the Interest Profiler and down to 3-5 occupations/careers.  Once you have narrowed down choices to 3 to 5 careers, cross-reference the chosen careers  to the results from the Work Importance locator, Occupation Sort Classic, and/or Occupation Filter.


It is recommended that you meet with a career counselor once careers have been narrowed down to 3 choices.

For additional career assessments please schedule an appointment via Student Career Connect.