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Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty Member 2010

Barber Named GPC Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty Member

Retired professor, athletic director and baseball coach Tommy Barber has been named the Georgia Perimeter College Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year for 2010.

 Barber taught history, political science and geography at GPC from 1981 through 2004.

“I looked forward to going to that classroom every day to talk about something interesting. I loved teaching at GPC because the students wanted to learn; they were motivated.”

Barber believed in bringing his subjects to life for his students by getting out of the classroom.

“I was so fortunate to be able to teach history in Atlanta because of all the local history and resources we have,” he said.

Each semester, Barber’s history class would culminate with a tour of Atlanta—with students teaching how the American history they studied in class blended with local history.

“We would learn about the New South’s textile revolution, then we go to Cabbagetown and now we’re standing in the middle of it,” Barber said. “We’d go to lunch at Pascal’s and someone who participated in the Civil Rights Movement would show up and talk to us.”

Some of Barber’s former students still volunteer at Oakland Cemetery, an activity they were turned onto during his service learning assignments.

“I’m a big believer in what we do,” he said. “My wife, Linda, and I have four kids between us who all went to GPC, and they will tell you the best teachers they ever had were at GPC.”

Barber continues to stay in touch with former students and helps with the athletic programs.

“I loved my job so much I never even thought about retiring,” he said. “I got to talk to nice people about interesting things. Teaching at GPC may be the best job anyone could ever have.”