Alumni Association

Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty or Staff Member of the Year Awards

Each year the Alumni Association proudly recognizes a current and retired faculty or a current and retired staff member who has demonstrated one or more of the following characteristics:

Dedication to student success
Outstanding leadership or service to GPC outside the classroom
Leadership and notable accomplishments within his or her academic discipline or professional field

Nominations for 2016 awards are open through March 18. Nominations should include a letter of recommendation outlining substantive reasons the nominee deserves the award. Please submit to:

Collins Foster
3251 Panthersville Rd.
Decatur, GA 30034

2014 Winners

Maryann Errico (Faculty, Current)
Sgt. Rodney Treadwell (Staff, Current)
Sarah Larson (Faculty, Retired)

Read the article on all of our 2014 alumni award winners here

Former Outstanding Faculty Members

Dr. Sallie Vargis (Faculty, Current) 2013
Dr. Margaret Ehrlich (Faculty, Current) 2013
Stephan Moore (Staff, Current) 2013
Anthony Edwards (Staff, Current) 2013
Sarah Keeling (Faculty, Current) 2011
Patricia Zrolka (Faculty, Retired) 2011
Tommy Barber 2010
Bob King 2007
Goerge Vargis 2006
Virginia Parks 2005
Carl Griffin 2004
Lita Hooper 2003
Margaret Venable 2002
Jodeen Ducharme 2001
Xuchitl N. Coso 2000
Rosemary Cox 1999
Susan M. Thomas 1998
Jane Walker Herndon 1997
Frankie L. McIntosh 1996
Debra Moon 1995
Debra Denzer 1994
Tina E. Stern 1993
Linda L. Exley 1992
Beverly A. Benson 1991
John W. Michael 1990
Bernice C. Brantley 1989
Susan M. Thomas 1988
Judith A. Michma 1988
Richard B. Clow 1988
Jon F. Downs 1987
Norma E. Crews 1987
Grace H. McNamara 1986
George Sanko 1985
Samuel K. Laffoday 1984